Registration Instructions

Registration Instructions

Registration is now open!

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions before registering.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. Please check your spam folder if you have not received it.

AAMAS 2023 Registration Fees

Registration ItemEarly (Before 23:59 UTC-12 3rd April 2023)Late (After 23:59 UTC-12, 3rd April 2023)On-Site (After 23:59 UTC-12, 22nd of May 2023)
Main Conference Only – Student£380.00£580.00£630.00
Main Conference Only – Regular – Banquet dinner included£750.00£950.00£1050.00*
Main Conference + 1 Day Workshops/Tutorials – Student£450.00£650.00£700.00
Main Conference + 2 Days Workshops/Tutorials – Student£490.00£690.00£740.00
Main Conference + 1 Day Workshops/Tutorials – Regular Banquet dinner included£870.00£1,170.00£1,270.00*
Main Conference + 2 Days Workshops/Tutorials – Regular Banquet dinner included£950.00£1,300.00£1,400.00*
Workshops/Tutorials Only 1 Day – Student£150.00£250.00£300.00
Workshops/Tutorials Only 2 Days – Student£200.00£350.00£400.00
Workshops/Tutorials Only 1 Day – Regular£200.00£300.00£350.00
Workshops/Tutorials Only 2 Days – Regular£300.00£450.00£500.00
Banquet Ticket – Student £110£110not available
Additional Banquet Ticket – Regular £150£150not available

Early bird deadline: 3rd April 2023 Anywhere On Earth

Banquet dinner is included with the main conference registration for regular attendees. Students can purchase a banquet dinner separately at a discounted rate.

For those who are invited to attend the doctoral consortium (DC), the DC is automatically included as part the main conference registration.

* For on-site registration, banquet dinner is subject to availability.

Terms and Conditions

Each paper at the conference (main track – full and EA, Demo, JAAMAS or Blue Sky) needs to be associated with at least one of the paper’s authors’ registration by the early registration deadline.

Note that each registration can only be used to register up to two papers.

Cancellations and Modifications

No refund or changes will be possible after the early registration deadline, April 3rd.

In case of cancellations on or before the 3rd of April (early registration deadline), registration fees will be refunded minus a 6% processing fee.

Due to technical properties of the registration system, changes to an existing registration (adding/removing workshop/tutorial day(s), or main conference) are considered as cancellation of the existing registration and thus incur a fee of 6%. If you wish to add/change a workshop/tutorial day and/or conference registration, you may do the following:

  • Adding workshop day(s)/main conference registration:
    Register for just the additional part (workshop/tutorial/main conference) separately (after the early registration deadline this is the only option). This will require you to use a different email address.
  • Changing a workshop/tutorial within a day to which you have already registered:
    Can be done without charge by modifying the registration in the system.
  • Switching workshop/tutorial days (you registered to one day and would like to change it to the other day):
    Please contact the local chairs at and do not use the registration system to make these changes

Those who are applying for an AAMAS student scholarship should not register until they receive confirmation and instructions on how to register (which will be either through a discount code or a special link). The email address used for registration needs to be identical to the email address used to apply for the scholarship. Otherwise, the discount will not be applied.
Similarly, if you have applied to the doctoral consortium (DC), please make sure you use the same email address to register for the main conference. For those who are accepted to the DC program, this is included as part of the main conference registration.

For any questions, please contact the local chairs at

Attendance Policy

As is indicated in this year’s call for paper, the AAMAS conference will be held in person only, and it will not support a hybrid format. In extreme and unexpected cases where it is not possible to attend in person, e.g. due to illness or visa issues, it may be possible to (a) for a delegate to present the poster or oral presentation, or (b) in case of oral presentation only, to submit a pre-recorded talk. This needs to be approved by sending a request to the local chairs including proof that you are unable to attend. Every paper must still have an associated registration, as per the registration instructions, by the early registration deadline. Please submit your queries to the local chairs: