Best Paper Awards – Nominees

Best Paper Awards – Nominees

The winner and runner-up for both categories will be announced during the conference, on Thursday, June 1.

Best Paper

Random Majority Opinion Diffusion: Stabilization Time, Absorbing States, and Influential Nodes
Ahad N. Zehmakan

Adapting Stable Matchings to Forced and Forbidden Pairs
Niclas Boehmer and Klaus Heeger

Trust Region Bounds for Decentralized PPO Under Non-stationarity
Mingfei Sun, Sam Devlin, Jacob Beck, Katja Hofmann and Shimon Whiteson

Voting by Axioms
Marie Christin Schmidtlein and Ulle Endriss

Learning Logic Specifications for Soft Policy Guidance in POMCP
Giulio Mazzi, Daniele Meli, Alberto Castellini and Alessandro Farinelli

Best Student Paper

Best of Both Worlds Fairness under Entitlements
Haris Aziz, Aditya Ganguly and Evi Micha

Decentralized Safe Navigation for Multi-agent Systems via Risk-aware Weighted Buffered Voronoi Cells
Yiwei Lyu, John Dolan and Wenhao Luo

Controlled Diversity with Preference : Towards Learning a Diverse Set of Desired Skills
Maxence Hussonnois, Thommen Karimpanal George and Santu Rana

A Map of Diverse Synthetic Stable Roommates Instances
Niclas Boehmer, Klaus Heeger and Stanisław Szufa

The Benefits of Power Regularization in Cooperative Reinforcement Learning
Michelle Li and Michael Dennis